Interference or non-interference engine for Passat 2004 1.6L petrol engine?

spurt 2015-02-17 17:21:28 +0200

kai gravatarbilde

Hi Benny, I bought a second-hand Passat 2004 with 1.6L petrol engine. The car has gone 150 000 Km and the timing belt has not been changed. The dealer told that it could be changes at 180 000 Km. But I wonder the consequence if the belt fails for this engine, will it damage the engine and cost much to repair? As I learned from the web, if it is non-interferemce engine, there won't be serious problem, otherwise the damage is serve.

Could you tell whether it is a interference or non-interference engine? Or, it is serious for this engine if timig belts fails?

Regardes, Kai

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