Can I trust the EU Control?

spurt 2016-04-23 10:15:52 +0100


I just purchased a Subaru Forester 1999 Turbo and noticed that on the test drive the brakes were bad and it had a hole on the back of the exhaust. The owner said he recently changed the brakes and that it hasnt been driven in over a month, hence why the brakes were bad. I had to drive the car back from Ålesund to Drammen and on the way back it was like driving a car with 4 wheels not attached correctly. Fine while accellerating but when I braked there is a horrible vibration from the front and very weak brakes. The car was weaving all over the road and when I went over a bump it seemed to take a while to settle again (Bad suspension). And when you take into consideration a huge hole in the exhaust, how is it possible this car passed its e.u. kontroll less than 20 days ago? Because it was an older car and had a recent e.u. i trusted what the seller was saying a little too much. A brand new E.U. means all of the important things have been checked but obviously not. Any ideas what i should do next?

Kind regards.


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besvart 2016-05-13 19:59:30 +0100

Hello. Was it realy a brand new EU inspection ? Any way, an EU inspection consist of a road safety part and an envirionmentel part. So it is not a full technical inspection. I would not purchased a old car based on a EU inspection. What can you expect of a car 17 years old? The only you can do, is to contact the seller. Did he tell you what he know about the condition of the car? Maybe a compromise ? KNAjuristen.

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