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spurt 2020-11-28 13:35:23 +0200

Hi Benny, I bought a 2017 auris hybrid in June 2020 from Toyota lillestrøm, four days ago i took the car back for an EU control, and the car failed, because of over 25% rust on the brakes,about kr7000,Toyota have told me they will pay half the cost, my question is, can over 25% rust come on the brakes since June to November, only driven in the summer months, have I the right to complain Best regards Alan

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besvart 2020-11-29 08:38:47 +0200

Hello Alan Firstly yes it is possible that you have gone over the limit witch is 25% on either side of the discs. But since it has been summer i will strongly suggest that the discs already had lets say 20% or more rust when you bought it and should have been dealt with before you bought it and that Toyota should have known better and that it wouldent pass the Eu control in its current condition. At least you would expect that when you buy a new car 2017 model with warranty that it should pass a Eu control only a few months away. Toyota Lillestrøm can not in this case hide behind that winter and salt combination togheter with limited braking is the reason and as i can see it it has been a miss when the car was checked before it was sold to a new customer and will sort under neglect from the person inspecting it at the time. I would kindly ask Toyota Lillestrøm to change the discs free of charge for you based on the fact that it is one of their own employes that missed out on this and dealt with professionally by them.

Regards Kviasen

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